"An old stone bridge connects the small village of Peach Blossom with the outside world. When the villagers awake and find it missing, Master Chen investigates, only to realize that the bridge was a sleeping dragon who was so neglected by the villagers that he grew ill and had to fly away. Master Chen then comes up with a way for the village to apologize to the dragon and get a new bridge. Written in English and Simplified Chinese characters, this straightforward original tale features a dozen full-color water color illustrations, five of which occupy entire page spreads. Additionally, there are smaller black-and-white sketches interspersed with the text. While the trim size and page count suggests a picture book, there are several text-only page spreads, making this title better suited for independent reading or one-on-one sharing. A match for fans of longer illustrated folktales and fairy tales who are looking for something new." School Library Journal


"Welcome to Peach Blossom, a faraway ancient farming village known for its peaches and almonds. The inhabitants rely on Dragon Bridge to get in and out, especially during the harvest season when they sell or trade their bounty in the neighboring town. One autumn, disaster occurs: Dragon Bridge is gone – “simply vanished in the night!”...Inspired by her childhood memories of growing up in “Butterfly Valley” in the mountains of Taiwan and the northern California landscape she now calls home, Ann Howard's debut picture book is a gentle, mythic reminder about the importance of practicing cooperation, showing gratitude, and respecting friendships." Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center


"Whether your child is interested in dragons, bridges, mysteries, or all three, The Mystery of Dragon Bridge, a new children’s book from author and illustrator Ann Howard, will make sure to enchant with its story of a missing bridge and a community working together to solve a big problem. Written in English and Simplified Chinese, and illustrated with beautiful and fantastical watercolors, the story teaches about responsibility, cooperation, and perseverance.

When a village leader investigates how the only bridge leading to his village could have disappeared, he discovers a dragon who shares forgotten history and broken promises. Inspired by the dragon’s stories, the villagers are spurred to earn back the lost trust of the dragon — and they all work together to create a new bridge for the village.

Themes of caring for our surroundings and cooperation will be familiar to children already immersed in respect for animals and the earth. Author Ann Howard also illustrates the story with creative and colorful images that help tell the story more fully. Children will also be interested in comparing the text of the story in English and Simplified Chinese characters. The storybook is recommended for ages 7-10, but younger children will also enjoy the tale." Barista Kids (Baristanet)